Objectives and professional roles

The new Second Cycle Master’s Degree in Sustainable Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (SIPhaB) is a unique novel educational program conjugating bio-chemical with management and sustainable development knowledge.

The focus is on the industrial biotech-pharma sector, where Italy ranks first in Europe for export and production and first in the world for innovative contracts. In order to keep the competitive advantage, a paradigmatic change is necessary in education, where crucial elements must be included on socio-environmental-economic sustainability as well as on the deep digital transformation of Health and Industry 4.0. SIPhaB has the ambition to educate a novel polyvalent, multi-competent, cross-cutting professional playing responsibility role for the biotech-pharma sector. Due to travel restrictions and social distancing related to worldwide Covid-19 pandemic we have decided to adopt web-based on-line teaching and e-learning.


We have the ambition to educate a novel polyvalent, multi-competent, cross-cutting professional playing responsibility roles for the biotech-pharma sector. 

The student of SIPhaB will therefore gain highly multisectorial and multidisciplinary knowledge on an solid bio-molecular advanced scientific basis over the most innovative and sustainable green bio-industrial scenario.

A graduate with acquired international management and regulatory competence related to sustainable development.

Finally, a graduate possessing the 10 top skills indicated by the third World Economic Forum.


To effectively conjugate know and know how we have co-designed SIPB with humanistic and economic university departments and mainly with our industrial partners.

SIPB programme provides wide educational time to stages, seminars and webinars in collaboration with extra-academic and industrial world on issues therwise uncovered in any other university programme.

We adopt innovative and immersive teaching methods, exploiting industrial territoritorial labs, favoring the developing of passion, interest, curiosity, emotional uderstanding, ability of team working versus conventionally individual university programmes.

We propose a novel integrated and flexible educational model.

Due to travel restrictions and social distancing related to worldwide Covid-19 pandemic we have decided to adopt web-based on-line teaching and e-learning.